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It is an undeniable fact that a large part of society is nowadays dependent on social networks. This human tendency can be harnessed very effectively for the benefit of business. However, today's social network user is becoming more and more discerning and can only be attracted by attention-grabbing advertising and an informative social network page. Otherwise, paid advertising will not yield a noticeable return and the page will not be popular. Entrust the creation and management of your Instagram and Facebook account to 24 UNITE professionals and watch your social media users turn from potential customers to regular buyers and loyal followers of your business stories on social media.

Social networking services:


Create an Instagram business account;


Creating a Facebook business account;


Regular administration of social networks;


Creating posts and uploading content;


Creation and management of paid advertising on social networks;


Optimisation of advertising costs;


Target audience purification;


Tracking website visitor activity using Facebook Pixel;


Analysis of advertising results and improvement of their effectiveness.
Why choose us?

A clear objective. Everything we do on social media on behalf of your business is focused on one goal - business success.

A comprehensive service. We provide a full range of social networking services, from account creation to content uploading and advertising management.

Strategy. We can create a strategy for positioning your products/services on social networks and online.

Long-term result. We always focus on the long-term result. We consistently build a stable, regular following and customer base on social networks.

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Setting up social networks
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